Vaccine Crisis in the Pacific North West

Big turn out in front of the capitol building in Salem, OR to protest the move to ban non-religious vaccination exemptions

Here in Oregon there are moves being made in favor of removing exemptions for vaccinations.

This controversial issue has forced many Oregonians, who exercise their rights to medical freedom, to stand together at the capitol in Salem to protest. Community awareness of the dangers of vaccines and unintended consequences of uninformed action is taking place downtown.

A local family protesting vaccine exemptions

Autism, cancers, and auto-immune disorders have all been linked to vaccines in recent years, leaving some parents to ask the questions, “Are vaccines safe for my children? Does the government have the constitutional right to remove ones choice to opt out of a non-emergency medical procedure?”

Pricking for blood, ointment in the eyes, and at least two different vaccines all within the first hours of life. Necessary or invasive?

A major concern among many “non-vacs” is that it is an infringement on their human rights. One should have a choice of whether or not to put potentially harmful substances into the bodies of their still developing children, as well as when, even if they are not religious. This regulation could force a lot of children out of a public education or into a potentially harmful medical situation.

On the flip side, the pro-vaccination camp claims that with the rise of “eradicated” diseases making a comeback in some Pacific North West counties, that all children should be vaccinated. If they are to be using publicly funded educational sources (including home-school internet programs and charter schools, where children do not physically intermingle) they should be required to be vaccinated despite any personal beliefs or opinions any parents may have.

Is it constitutional to require, as opposed to recommend, vaccines for non-religious families?

Interestingly enough, not all of the victims of these outbreaks are non-vaccinated. What is really going on here?

Do you believe the government has this right? Is it constitutional? Is it an infringement on a parent’s freedoms? Leave your comments below.

We will soon find out how this plays out as the clock is winding down on this issue and decisions are being made among these Oregon senators.

(left) My beautiful wife, (right) Rep. Bill Post

Do Oregonians care enough about this issue to stand together and prevent this from happening? Or will we see another state succumb to vaccine legislation?

One can only hope, that no matter the outcome, these senators uphold the constitution and make the right decision.

Leave your reactions and comments below! Perhaps something similar occurred in your state/region? What was the result?

God bless!

-The NorthWest Hebrew

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