Beards, Sidelocks, and Tattoos

tattooSource: Beards, Sidelocks, and Tattoos

The link above will take you to an in depth, powerful teaching about the traditional views on beards, side locks, and tattoos from a biblical perspective. Written and shared by the scholar, Nehemiah Gordon, who studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, has written many powerfully enlightening books, and helped with translations on the ancient Hebrew manuscripts and Dead Sea Scrolls. This study should serve any of those who have faced judgement or discrimination based on their style preferences, which seems to be a trending concern amongst millennial believers today. Enjoy!

God Bless!

-The NorthWest Hebrew

7 thoughts on “Beards, Sidelocks, and Tattoos

    1. Thank you for your feedback! I’m still working on putting together more content and posting more regularly. With topics like this one it’s hard to say it better than what I’ve read previously so I just shared the post. Let me know if there’s something you’d like to hear my take on.


    1. If you click on the link I posted it will take you to a study posted by a biblical scholar I follow.

      To sum it up about tattoos: according to the biblical sources the only case made against tattoos say that you should not mark yourself in an act of mourning for the dead. It was an ancient custom for people to do so but it wasn’t part of the Israelite culture so it was commanded not to do mark your skin in an act of mourning.

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  1. I think before the meaning of tattoo was different, it meant something, specialy in Asian count tiesiog , but in todays world i think is pointless, personaly i don’t like to have it on me, but on some people can look really beautiful👩

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