Walk With Me


Shalom friends! This is primarily a blog site where people can read about my experiences as a Torah observant, family loving, self professed Hebrew man. Many in this walk have so many questions to ask and different experiences to share. I hope by shedding some light on some of my own it can help another on their journey in this walk of faith. Whether you’re just entering this walk or you’re a seasoned vet of the game, I know I have much to learn so feel free to respectfully challenge my approach if you disagree and comment on all subject matter posted. I will soon be adding more features to this site as time goes on, and potentially, opening a store where people can order products that support the cause.

A little about me, I am a father to 6 children whose ages range from 11 to 1 year(s) old, 5 of which are schooled at home. My wife Cynthia and I are happily married and continuing to grow in wisdom and spirit through Yah’s word everyday.

I love studying the word of Yah. I especially love studying the Hebrew language. I am by no means an expert in the script nor in pronunciation but I have a strong understanding of the culture and many of the practices attributed to the Hebrew people throughout antiquity. I know how to read and locate accurate source material from which I form educated opinions on. I have yet to set foot in Yisrael, but it is a dream of mine to live in that Promised Land and fulfill those prophecy’s of old. I put my trust in him and pray it be in his will to take my family and I there to stay. I learn more vocabulary everyday and pass this on to my children as I learn. This is my life’s mission, to mold these young minds to love and praise Yah with all of their hearts, souls, minds, and all of their “very” (I’ll explain another time if you didn’t catch that).

I invite anyone to come walk with me on this journey as I explore the foundations of the Hebrew faith, life with a crazy family, and many more experiences along with other interests of mine.

Some things I post may be controversial and I ask everyone to approach those subjects with an open mind and by all means, please ask questions and leave comments. Sometimes this walk can seem like a cold winter trail in the woods. A long and narrow unforgiving ground as we tread our way uphill, set-apart from mainstream society. Do not get discouraged if the walk starts to feel like a hike, I am here with you and you with me. As long as brother walks with brother we will see great things. Blessings to all and may God make his face shine light on you.

-The NorthWest Hebrew

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