Shalom Fam,

HalleluYah! Blessed is the name of Yehovah forever and ever! I will always follow the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. His personal Name is Yehovah! My goal is to spread the word of Elohim and to pass what I have learned to anyone willing to lend me their ears. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. I grew up never liking church and vividly remember my mom having to drag me to service every Sunday. Although I was never really interested in being there, much of what was taught at that pulpit stuck with me and over the years kindled a fire inside of me that yearns for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. I remember always having questions that the ushers and pastors could not answer. If they could answer, I was not satisfied with their responses. I wanted more than just emotional speeches and holy rolling exaggerated performances. I wanted truth. I knew there was something lacking.

As a young man in my early twenties long strayed from the path of Elohim, I was reintroduced to a channel through which I began the journey I am currently on to this day. I fancied myself a musician, a song writer and a drummer. Everything I spewed was hateful, selfishness and self loathing. I was not happy where I was. I had many vices but I believe my ultimate goal, in that period, was self-destruction. One day I found myself at a recording session with a newly formed acquaintance. Together we were recording a song, I believe Elohim was working his way into my life by allowing me to first get all of this baggage off of my chest. A lot of the music I recited was sad and angry. After the session, this acquaintance gave me a business card. On this card was the Tetragrammaton, the four Hebrew letters that make up the name of Yehovah (יהוה). He told me to look that name up on Google and then we parted ways. At first I was surprised that this scar faced thug of a man, whose voice reflected pain and mannerisms insinuated he had been gang affiliated, even knew about Elohim. I had passed my carnal judgment on him. For that I was wrong. I believe this was the Ruach HaChodesh (holy spirit) subtly leading me back to the fire that was kindled so many years prior.

As the weeks went on I found myself discussing biblical matters with this man who had the appearance of a gangster and the words of a prophet. Any time I tried to trap him with a question about Christianity or God, like I had done so many times prior to other believers, he gracefully maneuvered through them with expertise always suggesting we open the book to examine what it says. I was without words many times and forced to try to prove my own points by opening a book I never read and had only heard sermons on. I often found myself yawning after discussions with this man not realizing he was wearing me out with the word of the Father. He had been slowly putting my soul to rest, resetting me back to the days of formula and underoos. Line by line, and precept by precept. I realized how little I actually knew about the scriptures, life, and the Elohim I had claimed to believe in. I learned the true name of the Elohim of Israel and developed a loving respect for His name, culture, and language. I learned of my true identity and who I am supposed to be in this world. I learned I was a Hebrew. All the years leading up to then I had claimed to believe in the God of the bible and condemned many others for not believing in Jesus. I was a hypocrite. I knew nothing. Yehovah worked through this man and through a platform that interested me to bring me back to the path of seeking a closer relationship with Him.

Since those days I have been non-stop searching in the scriptures for what it means to follow Yehovah, the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I have been seeking for what it means to serve Him, to walk with Him. I have encountered fellowships and people along the way that have allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of who my Elohim is and what he is accepting of. I have also encountered people and fellowships that have not been so encouraging or understanding of this journey. During this process I have been able to shed many of my preconceptions of God and the Christ, religion, and faith that have held me in a confused place for much of my life. Through this process I have been able to find peace by understanding what the Elohim of my fathers expects of His children and not what man expects of men. I have learned a great deal, I have shed old burdens and I still have much to learn.

I hope this website finds you in a similar place and time in your life. With questions needing to be asked and answered. I do not have these answers but I hope my stories, studies of the scriptures, and personal life experiences can be used to help guide you like a compass, through the abyss and out of that sunken place. I pray that Elohim use me as a conduit for others to seek His light. I pray that the words of Yehovah be placed in my heart that I can share them with others in a loving light. I pray that Yehovah bless you wherever you are and that He make His face shine His light upon you.

-The NorthWest Hebrew

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  1. I admit to being a little confused as to what is your religious background.( For me ) This is making dialogue/ conversation somewhat awkward.
    Are you Christian and if so which denomination? Or are you of some other faith?


    1. I believe in the God of Avraham, Yitzak, and Ya’akov, The God of Yisrael, his name is יְהֺוָה (Yehovah).

      I don’t call myself a Christian, because I do not look to the New Testament to form my theological views. I do believe Yeshua (jesus) was a real man and a martyr and he brought about real social change in the religion of Judaism that was suffering from corruption. I believe in the God of the Bible and I stick to the Tanakh (these are the books Genesis-Malachi) to form any of the beliefs I have.

      I believe to truly understand the God of the Bible one must only look to the Hebrew sources (my first blog post explains my stance on this entitled, “Hebrew: The Voice of Truth”) and the New Testament was written in Greek. Yeshua (Jesus) was not a Greek nor did he teach in Greek and his religion wasn’t Christianity, but formed from the Tanakh.

      My issue with religion is Christianity’s theology and historical practices. I believe most of them to be political and damaging to the faith, inspired by the martyr Yeshua, that Christians claim to believe. I don’t disagree with all their views, but if I were to grade it (Christianity) based on the meshing their views have to the Bible that formed their views, I would give them a C- at best.

      I don’t claim any Christian denomination or religious background. A Hebrew Nation, not a denomination.

      Abraham was once the son of an idol maker living in the Mesopotamian region. It wasn’t until he “crossed over” the “waters” that people began to refer to him as “Ivri” meaning to pass over, to traverse, or pass through. For me, in today’s day, this represents religion, society, belief systems, and common norms as it did in his day.

      The Hebrew language is fascinating and deep. It is not like the English language or culture, to try to understand the Bible from that scope is not an accurate way to do so. I encourage anyone to study it in its context, language, and culture (past and present) before trying to engage in deeper conversation and criticisms regarding the text.

      I believe in the God of Avraham, Yitzak, and Ya’akov, The God of Yisrael, his name is יְהֺוָה (Yehovah). I hope I cleared up some questions you might have about my beliefs.

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  2. So, you do not like to have your view of the world challenged by science, after all. it seems?

    This is one of the great thing about science, not withstanding how stubborn and arrogant some scientists are reported to be in defense of their beliefs, it does not kowtow to petty jealousies and stupid dogmas: it stand s on its own merits.
    These days, people know the earth is ”round’,’ not flat and science cares not one iota what certain idiots might want to claim.
    And by the same token, there was no global flood, no Exodus and no original couple called Adam and Eve as per the tale in the Torah.

    Don’t you find the hypocrisy suffocating?

    How on earth do you look your children in the eyes knowing you lie to them?
    I wonder what your response will be when they ask why you opted for willful ignorance and passed it n to them?


    1. I do like science but in my opinion it confirms my view not challenge it. I think your bias is not letting you see.

      If you have kids and they wanted to be Christian would you let them or would you verbally abuse their intellect until they submitted to your atheistic dogma. Yours is a religion as well friend.

      Check out the reblog I posted dude, you’ll see some experts who share my view. It’s really riveting stuff on the topic we’ve been discussing.

      I listened to your video before I took it down, there was nothing in it that confirmed without a shadow of a doubt the claim you’ve been making. More speculation, more conjectures, more theories nothing substantial.


      1. No, science completely refutes your worldview, from Adam and Eve to Noah and Moses etc.
        Denial is not just a river in Egypt.
        Unless you are able to support these claims with evidence?

        Children don’t just ”want” to become Christian any more than they might want to be Muslim, Hindu, or Jewish, unless their critical thinking skills have been hijacked or sublimated.
        Most people, if they follow a religion, adopt the one they are primarily exposed to, and there are always cultural issues involved.
        Try to reason why you are not Muslim.
        Or Christian.
        According to these two dominant theological world views you are going to hell.
        So much for a loving god, I say.
        But who is to say they are wrong? You? Ha!

        Those who convert as teens or older who have not been rigorously brought up with a particular faith do so almost always because of some sort of emotional insecurity/trauma resulting from abuse of such things as sex, drugs, alcohol, depression, peer pressure etc.
        Francis Collins, for example, finally converted because of Death Anxiety while dealing with terminally ill patients.
        He explains this and states that his final decision came while hiking and he saw a frozen waterfall, whereupon he fell to his knees convinced that god had showed him a sign and he became Christian.

        This is the man who once headed the Human Genome Project. So lots of qualifications is no guarantee of protection against one’s intellect failing.

        As for my children …. well, they were brought up in a secular environment attended a Catholic School – my wife being Catholic ( but hardly what one could call practicing) as they offered the best private education in our area, and from what I knew of the school there was no punting of religion in any meaningful way. The school takes children from all religious backgrounds, and creeds, and during Apartheid was one of the few school institutions that was open to all races.
        My kids are well-rounded, mature individuals who have no religious beliefs/convictions whatsoever and are, for all intent and purpose, atheist.
        They were raised to exercise critical thought.
        I would question their sanity if one day they suddenly became religious and would seriously wonder what problems had befallen them.

        Re: The video. Well, I did say he was not easy to listen to, but yes, Finkelstein states there was no Exodus as described in the bible.
        It is more likely your hard held beliefs struggled to come to terms with this fact and thus you simply weren’t listening hard enough?
        Try doing a little more research

        And Ark is fine, rather than ”Dude”, thanks all the same.


      2. I listened to him but he suggested, he did not definitely state as a fact. He alluded and suggested and said based on this I come to this understanding. Never indicating fact or complete certainty.

        I’m not as educated in archaeology as some but you should check the reblog I posted they might have a better understanding than me.

        Thanks, Ark (as in Noah’s Ark) lol


    1. I erase pointless messages and repetitive dialogue, especially if you resort to using lame words instead of the higher vocabulary I know you have. Words like “idiotic” and “ignorant” are too weak for my page bro.

      But your views are making me read more, I like it. Just not all of it. Lol


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